Why I’m Running For My Mother

I’ve run for children with congenital heart defects. I’ve run for entrepreneurs in Guatemala. I’ve run to fight cancer. But this summer, I’ll be running for the most powerful motivators of all: mothers and their newborns.

It all starts with mom. I’m lucky enough that my mother survived all eight of her pregnancies and was around to raise me, but she nearly wasn’t. Thanks to skilled medical staff and a hospital that could respond to her needs, she survived two very close calls. In a different place, she very well could have died and my life would have been completely different. Through my work at One Heart World-Wide, I am reminded daily of how lucky my family was to have access to the health services that saved my mother’s life.

On July 23, 2017, I’ll be running the first half of the San Francisco Marathon with Team One Heart and I want you to join me. Yes, I’ll just be running the first half, a cool 13.1 miles following the Embarcadero, the Golden Gate Bridge and ending in Golden Gate Park. There’s also a 5K if you want to take it easy, or the full 26.2 course if you’re feeling ambitious. Here are the details:


Join me in making a personal impact in the health of mothers and newborns. First time runner? Don’t think there is enough time to train? Nervous about fundraising? Don’t know where to get started? Email me at luke@oneheartworld-wide.org and I promise to personally quash those fears.

Join me!

Luke Ifland

Director of Development and Administration

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