Umesh Chaudhary, Head of Health Post, Bhimtar HP, Sindhupalchok


“I have received this award due to my hard work and my commitment to the community. After the earthquake, we had nothing to continue health services because the health post building was totally damaged and I wanted to resume all the services from the health post as soon as possible. I quickly contacted the District Health Office in Sindhupalchok and on their suggestion. I coordinated with One Heart World Wide to help us continue maternity services from the health post, as we didn’t have buildings or equipment. I couldn’t imagine the way One Heart World-Wide responded to our request, they were so quick in setting up the delivery tent, installing solar suitcases and supplying all essential equipment for the tent. We conducted around 7-10 deliveries in the first two months after the earthquake in the tent provided by One Heart World Wide.  This would have not been possible if they had not supported us. In the aftermath of the earthquake on 25th April, One Heart World Wide’s support contributed to my earning the Earthquake Hero 2015 award.”


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