Seti Maya, Ree Gaun, Dhading


“I was working in the field when the ground below me started to shake. I was 6 months pregnant and couldn’t run to save my life. After a while I went to nearby shed to take shelter. In a matter of seconds we lost our only house and now we have nothing but a small shed built of bamboo. We were extremely traumatized by our massive loss but that didn’t keep me from visiting the health post for antenatal checkups, and I was told that everything was fine. On September 19th 2015, I was in labor and it took me 10 hours to walk to reach the health post; as soon as I reached it the nursing staff took me inside the birthing tent where I went through a normal delivery.  This birthing tent was well equipped and in fact looked much safer than a cracked building. My gratitude to One Heart World-Wide for providing all the essentials and helping a mother like me to have a safe delivery without fear.”


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