Santa Khanal, SBA, Sindhukot HP, Sindhupalchok


“I have been conducting normal delivery cases since last year. During this period I have encountered a few cases of PPH and asphyxia, which was not easy for me to handle, and made me nervous, as I was not an SBA. Such crucial situations motivated me to take the SBA training so I could save the lives of mothers and babies by managing the complications and applying skilled methods. Most of the pregnant mothers here are from poor families and cannot afford to travel to big hospitals if there are complications. In such situations it is helpful for them to have an SBA in this birthing center who can manage the delivery complications instantly unless the case is serious. Many thanks to One Heart World Wide for identifying the needs of the pregnant mothers in the rural areas and helping them to give services through SBAs like us, who can apply the skills learned from SBA training in the most effective way by saving lives at birth.”


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