We had a team in the district of Dhading setting up Barebones tents to be used as temporary birthing centers when the second major earthquake hit Nepal on May 12th.

Moments after the quake hit, two very frightened women in labor approached our team, seeking help. Since the tent was just being set up and not yet equipped to handle a delivery, team members transported the two women to the nearest hospital for delivery in Kathmandu. Both women were overjoyed and grateful to give birth to healthy baby boys.

Meanwhile, the team members remaining in Dhading continued to set up the tent, which is now equipped with cots, solar power, privacy screens, and basic medical equipment and supplies to conduct a safe delivery. We are thrilled to report that the first delivery in the tent occurred yesterday under the supervision of one of our medical teams.

We have a total of 40 of these tents and we plan to set them up in pairs around the hard-hit districts of Sindhupalchok and Dhading. One tent will serve as a 24-hour birthing center, and the other will provide shelter for the skilled birth attendant who will attend to incoming patients. This will ensure that all pregnant women in the area have a safe place to deliver their babies. The tents were generously donated by our partner, Tifie Humanitarian and shipped by FedEx and First Mile Shipping with help from Direct Relief. Choice Humanitarian is helping our staff set these tents up around the two districts.


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