A second major earthquake at 7.3 magnitude hit Nepal earlier today, followed by several significant aftershocks. There are already over 1,200 injured and 66 deaths reported, and these numbers are increasing every hour. Based on the reports, we believe the damage will be as extensive as the first quake. 

We are extremely relieved and thankful to report that everyone on the One Heart World-Wide team is safe. Most of the team was in the district of Dhading putting up medical tents from Tifie Humanitarian when it hit. 

Our team will continue to provide support to the people of Dhading and Sindhuplachok. We are heading to Sindhupalchok tomorrow morning with much-needed medical supplies and tents. Please continue to spread the word and support our work. Donate to our earthquake relief fund here. (LINK)

We are posting regular updates on our Facebook page and here if you’d like ongoing updates. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support and love. Together, we can help make a difference in the lives of many during this difficult time.


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