Lila Maya, Sertung, Dhading


“ I was 5 month pregnant when the mega earthquake hit on April 25th, 2015. At first I thought the rattling sound was a helicopter, but later when everything began to shake I realized it was an earthquake.  I was extremely nervous and quickly took shelter under the open space to save myself and my baby.
I went into labor 5 months after the earthquake. I was quickly rushed to the Health Post which was already damaged by the earthquake and its aftershocks. The crack on the Health Post building made me little nervous and scared to deliver the baby here. But when the nursing staff took me to the delivery tent installed few meters away from the building it was hard to believe that a tent can also be a birthing center with all the equipment and medicine. I felt so safe and secured. I was well attended by the trained nurse and delivered a healthy baby girl. 

I send my regards to you (One Heart World-Wide), because of your support, mothers are able to deliver their babies without fear and in the presence of trained health worker. “


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