Every day approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries, and mortality rates are highest in rural areas and among poor communities. (Source: WHO 2014)

In Nepal, these statistics ring especially true, which is why we choose to work in the rural districts that lack the resources to provide access to care for women and their babies. Your support ensures that the women of Nepal can access lifesaving skilled care before, during, and after childbirth. Your gift will go to work right away in the communities where it is needed most. Make a tax-deductible donation today.


With $10,000, One Heart World-Wide can update an existing governmental health facility into a Certified Birthing Center in one of our program districts.

Especially in the most rural and remote areas of Nepal, buildings designed as birthing centers commonly lack basic infrastructure such as electricity, running water, and insulation. Frequently, room temperatures, including the delivery and newborn areas, are below freezing. OHW refurbishes each building according to governmental protocol and standards. OHW also upgrades the existing facility infrastructure, providing running water and solar electricity. OHW insulates roofs, walls and windows. In addition OHW replaces patient beds, delivery tables, and vital medical equipment and instruments, and makes sure that rooms are partitioned for privacy, creating an interior that is suitable and inviting for women to give birth. Your donation will give one birthing center a makeover, providing pregnant women and their newborns the crucial access to antenatal and postnatal care they deserve.


With $5,000, One Heart World-Wide can equip an existing birthing center.

Many of the birthing centers in the districts OHW covers in Nepal, are under-equipped, and in need of cleaning, sterilization and medical equipment and supplies. Your donation will allow OHW to purchase the necessary medical equipment and materials. The existing and functioning birthing facility is then equipped according to governmental protocol standards for birthing centers.  Standard equipment includes patient beds and delivery tables, solar electricity, vital medical equipment and supplies, autoclave sterilizer, and life-saving medications.


$2,500 can purchase an ultrasound for a birthing center.

Early detection of risks is one of the most efficient ways to prevent serious complications and death during pregnancy and childbirth. Regular ultrasounds are the most effective means for uncovering warning signs during the perinatal period. If discovered early enough, health care providers in rural clinics can prescribe appropriate regimens to either maintain the risk or refer pregnant women to larger hospitals. Your donation will allow OHW to train a SBA in these skills.


For $1,500 you can sponsor a Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) to participate in a two-month training in safe birthing practices.

Achieving skilled birth attendance at every birth has emerged as a global priority to reduce the risk of maternal and neonatal mortality in remote, rural areas of the world, and women in high-risk regions are increasingly being encouraged to deliver in health facilities. The women graduate as SBAs and return home to their villages where they are able to generate an income and help many women and newborns that are in need of care. Not only do these women leave the trainings more empowered and self-sufficient, they are able to share what they’ve learned with their own communities. They spread safe motherhood messages to their communities with the support of the government, which offers incentives to women who deliver with an SBA present, following the WHO recommendation that there be “skilled care at every birth”. Your donation will allow OHW to train women in these crucial skills, delivering and driving systemic change. 


$ 500 can train 5 community outreach volunteers to deliver life-saving messages and clean birth kits to remote areas.

The training OHW provides prepares these Foot Soldiers of Change to give prenatal and antenatal care, recognize danger signs during pregnancy and delivery, initiate emergency evacuations, and make sure women deliver with a clean birth kit. 


$250 will outfit an SBA with a bag complete with tools to deliver a newborn in the field.

These bags come equipped with stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs for monitoring women throughout their pregnancies and delivery equipment and materials. This allows birth attendants to bring quality health care to women in remote locations when they are unable to reach a health post or hospital. Your donation will enable an SBA to provide a health setting in the fields that enhances a safe and effective delivery.


For $100 you can sponsor a Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) to participate in a training in basic birthing practices.

FCHVs deliver life-saving messages and clean birth kits to remote areas. The training OHW provides prepares these FCHVs to give prenatal and antenatal care, recognize danger signs during pregnancy and delivery, initiate emergency evacuations, and make sure women deliver with a clean birth kit. 


With $50, you can provide an expectant mother with the supplies to safely deliver their newborn in an emergency.

These essential tools include prenatal vitamins, a sterile sheet, surgical gloves, a sterile razor blade and tie to cut the umbilical cord, misoprostol (medication to stop post partum hemorrhaging), soap and sterile cloths to clean and dry the newborn, along with a hat and blanket for the baby.


$25 will support a mother to buy warm clothes for their newborn.

Especially in the first few days, comfort and warmth are crucial for the overall well being of an infant. Your donation will make a baby feel at home from the moment it takes its first breath.