Improving the Future with Stories from the Past

Sankhuwasabha, Nepal

It was half past noon in Tumlingtar, Sankhuwasabha, as 23-year-old skilled birth attendant, Romila, sat in a meeting with health staff and local authorities. As they discussed ideas to improve coordination and efficiency at the facility recently renovated by One Heart World-Wide, screams brought the conversation to a halt.

We local management committee has strong commitment to maintain the quality in future too. We got the chance to setup a model birthing center for the whole district. Thank You One Heart World Wide for choosing Maidi.”

Romila rushed outside to find a cluster of people carrying a young woman in a stretcher high above their shoulders. After directing them towards the delivery room, Romila spoke to the woman’s husband who told her that the woman had given birth just over an hour ago at their home but the placenta had failed to deliver. She was only eighteen and although her newborn was healthy, the hour-long journey from her home in neighboring Bhojpur left her weak and short of blood.

“She showed a lot of determination to be fighting against the pain,” admitted Romila. Nevertheless, her vital signs were worrying and Romila knew they had to take action immediately to reduce the risk of further complication.

Soon after their arrival, preparations began to remove the placenta manually. The young woman received several treatments in order to begin the procedure. IV’s were inserted into both of her hands where she was injected with pain medicine and Ampicillin for prophylaxis. Her bladder was manually emptied using a catheter and several blood tests conducted to check her hemoglobin levels.

Once the procedure began, it did not take much time to remove the placenta. The young woman was then taken out of the operating room where she was given hot soup and reunited with her newborn child. By the end of the day, she was back to her normal self, and after staying overnight for precautionary measures, released the next morning.

“It was disheartening to know that the young woman did not have any Antenatal check-ups,” lamented Romila. This was the first time during her pregnancy she sought medical attention and Romila feared had it not been for the complication, the young woman would have continued to deliver at home and carry her pregnancies without seeking medical aid. But now Romila plans to use this example to show other woman the importance of delivering their children under the supervision of trained professionals. “We will show her case to educate and inspire women from her village to come to the birthing center to have safe and hygienic birth,” declared Romila.

She continued by thanking One Heart World-Wide for the renovations on the local birthing center. “Had it not been for the renovations and new equipment,” admitted Romila, “I would not have been confident in my abilities to manage the case. Things have changed for the good, the birthing center now resembles an actual hospital.”

She continued to assert, “We are hopeful that we will be able to inspire women to come to our new birthing center for ANC check-ups and deliveries. We are grateful for One Heart World-Wide for giving us the ability to expand our services and increase the quality of healthcare we provide to save more lives.”

Since we began our work in Nepal, OHW has reached over 100,000 pregnancies and this year alone plans to reach an additional 45,000 pregnancies.

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