From Butter Tea to Pepsi: A Rapid Appraisal of Food Preferences, Procurement Sources & Dietary Diversity in a Contemporary Tibetan Township


T. Dickerson; D. Fernandez; Topgyal; A. Samen; Gelek; Nyima; G.Pelto; S. Craig; T. Dye


Modernization in developing regions affects local diets and nutrition. Using qualitative rapid appraisal methods, we examined the effect of dietary delocalization on food preferences and procurement sources and dietary diversity in rural Tibet. The diets of Tibetans are being both positively and negatively influenced as the region modernizes. For example, greenhouses and chicken rearing represent local adaptations which could improve micronutrient consumption. At the same time, the recent introduction of calorie-rich, nutrient poor commoditized foods could insult nutrition but are increasingly popular among children. Multimodal public health interventions can minimize harmful and maximize beneficial effects of the nutrition transition in Tibet.


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